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Why do I call my writing site Terror Mirror? Because, in all my years, I’ve found that the scariest person in our lives is often the one we see when we look in the mirror—unless we’re a vampire, of course. And I’m not disrespecting anyone’s features or choice of make-up. Underneath each unique face hides all its owner’s darkness and woes. And while daily life allows us to conveniently submerge our minds in its constant bustle, demands, and material glamour, and while we can lose ourselves in fancy titles or amongst packs of others, behind our masks, our real frights are fermenting in darkness and rejection. And they are not happy about it. Worse, their weight is a force dragging us slowly down . . . down . . . down . . .

My work explores that which lies in this chaotic abyss of my human nature and battles to release it. I select certain psychologies obtained from life experience and spin them into my characters, who must either triumph over them and use their lessons for good or crumble under them and take down everyone with them. Because only if we face our darkest layers can our souls be truly free.

With shrieks and torment,

Amy Langevin

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